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PostSubject: Meditation   Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:56 pm


Meditation is a profound form of relaxation that helps us to contact our inner spiritual source. Regular practice of meditation can bring about a state of inner peace and calmness that affects all aspects of our lives. The aim of meditation is to quieten the constant chatter of the mind, so that you can experience a state of inner stillness that is healing and regenerating.

There are several simple ways to meditate. You can do it sitting comfortably, gazing at a candle's flame and trying to keep your attention on it.
Another method is to sit quietly and focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your lungs. Or you can repeat a Mantra - a word or a series of syllables that helps to quieten the mind. Saying a word such as "peace" over and over again can infuse you with a feeling you asociate with it. Taking time each day to meditate enables you to counter daily stress and become more attuned to your spitiual side.

How Meditation Works
Regular time set aside for meditation leaves you more energised physically, becasue the release of tension promotes more restful sleep.

Inner Balance
Meditation forges links between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, increasing communication between the "logical" and "intuitive" aspects of ourselves.

Stress Release
Meditation slows down your heart rate and brain wave activity, bringing about a deep, gentle form of relaxation. Mental stress and anxiety are reduced and alleviated, because you are more deeply relaxed. Physical discomfort brought about by stress is eased as your muscles untense.

Increased Harmony
Through feeling more comfortable with yourself, your relationships with others become more harmonious.

Preparing for Meditation

You don't need any essential tool to help you meditate, but there are some simple steps you can take to make the practice as easy and enjoyable as possible. Choosing to meditate in the same place each day helps you to settle into your meditation more easily. You should be seated when you meditate, as you are likely to fall alseep if you lie down. Try to avoid meditating on your bed, becasue of its association with sleep. On the floor, using a cushion, or in a comfortable chair are the best places to meditate.

Wear Loose Clothing
Wear comfortable clothing that won't distract you by making you too aware of your body. A tracksuit or loose trousers and top that wonlt restrict your breathing are ideal.

Dim The Lights
Closing the curtains and dimming the lights encourages meditation, as doing so creates an immediate sense of privacy, and shuts out the distractions of the utside world.

Background Music
When you are preparing to meditate, soft background music can create a conductive atmosphere. Natural sounds such as flowing water and birdsong, or soothing flute music, can ease you into a relaxed state. When yuour ready to meditate turn off the music and feel the silence around you for a minute or two.

Use of Candles

Lighting up a candle before you meditate helps to focus your mind. If you consciously associate the ritual of lighting a candle with the symbolic act of brining your attention to the inner flame of the spirit, this will help to put you into a meditative frame of mind.

Room Fragrance

Burning an incense stick has a similar psychological effect to lighting a candle, and the scent will aid relaxation. Particular fragrances are helpful to meditation. Choose incenses such as Sandalwood, or Rose, as these promote a feeling of peacefulness. Using a room fragrancer containing essentail oils is very beneficial, as the oils add their healing effects to your meditation. Frankincense, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, and Ylangylang all act on the spiritual level as well as helping you relax.
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PostSubject: Re: Meditation   Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:18 am

For those who have never meditated before, the following section will provide you with a few guidelines before you begin.

Aim for at least 10 to 20 minutes every day, at the same time eg, morning, noon, night.  If you really are too busy then at least aim for this twice a week if not daily.  Do not cut down the time each seession as it is hard to be effective in less than the stated time.

Find a space you will not be disturbed in, that is warm and comfortable, and as mentioned in the above post, close the curtains to aid in lessening the noise and disturbances of the outside world. That also ncludes turning off your mobile phone, and taking your landline phone off the hook for the duration of your *Me* time.

Breathing patterns can also aid in relaxing you and calming yourself.  7-4-7 is a good pattern to use. Breathe in for a count of 7... hold to a count of 4...  release to a count of 7....  Once you are in the visualisation process don't stress if you are not following the pattern anymore, just concentrate on the mind's view.

Always record your visualisations, experiences, impressions, visitations, in a book or journal dedicated to your meditations, dreams and so forth.  Witches call these books a Book Of Mirrors...  as their Book Of Shadows record only rituals, ceremonies, invocations and prayers.   Some Witches merge the two,  As with everything,  it is personal taste that will decide for you.
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