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 Channelling Spirits

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PostSubject: Channelling Spirits   Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:04 pm

Channelling Spirits

When a psychic channels a spirit, she allows it to enter and take control of her body. While the channelling is in progress, the spirit will be able to see and hear through the eyes and ears of the psychic, and speak through her mouth - in other words the psychic becomes a 'channel' for the spirit. allowing their presence to be felt in the earthly world.

In former times this would have been called possession, or even demonic possession, but in channelling the possession is voluntary, temporary, and usually involves a friendly spirit. Most spirit channelling is done by mediums - psychics who can communicate with spirits of the dead - in the setting of a seance, but there are no hard and fast rules about who can and who can't channel.

Several religions involve channelling as central aspects of thir rituals. In the Haitian Voodoo religion, for instance, ordinary worshippers can become possessed by spirits. In fact, anyone who has a Ouija board has effectively tried channelling - A Ouija board works on the basis that spirits 'guide' the sitters hand movements.

The first people to channel spirit were almost certainly the Sharmnas, Witch Doctors and Priests of early religions. Such practices fell into disfavour as Christianity became the dominant religion in the West, but they reappeared in the 19th Century. In the classic Victorian seance, the medium would go into a Trance, and it wasn't long before mediums stopped simply relaying messages and actually started to speak with their voices. In the 20th Century alien spirit beings appeared in seances. With the start of the New Age Movement in the 1960s some mediums claimed to start channelling Supernatural beings.
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PostSubject: Re: Channelling Spirits   Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:05 pm

How Mediums Contact Spirits

Different mediums use different techniques, but most 'channelling' mediums have one thing in common - the Trance. In order for them to become open to a spirit, so that it can inhabit their body, mediums need to close their minds to outside distractions and open a psychic link to the spirit world.

Preparing to accept a spirit
Some channelling mediums use a process of self-hypnosis to achieve a psychic link, which may even involve meditation, chanting, humming or dancing. Others donlt seem to need much preperation at all; they simply close their eyes, and when they open them again it is the channelled spirit who is looking out. This can be quite spokky, particulary as possession often causes both physical and personality changes. The posture, attitude and voice of the medium may change, and he or she may even start speaking a different language.

A Guide From The Spirit World.
Consulting Mediums - Ones that see clients or perform for audiences - usually have a particular spirit that they regulary channel. Typically this is called a 'spirit guide' - an entity or the spirit of a dead person who acts as a sort of portal to the world of spirit.

Breaking Contact
What happens to the medium while this is going on? Some mediums remain aware but powerless during channelling, like spectators watching a film, while others retain memory of what happened while they were in a trance. When they come out of the Trance they often feel drained and shaky.

Can Channelling Help You?
A person visiting a medium is often seeking reassuring news of a loved one or guidance from a wise spirit. Remember that information gleaned from the spirit world is intended simply as a starting point for further reflection rather than a direct answer to a question. Nonetheless, consulting a medium can be more intense or even disturbing than other forms of spiritualism or psychic practice, so you should think hard about whether it is right for you. You should also be aware that, inevitably, there are many fake psychics out there, so its always worth approaching them with a pinch of salt ready to hand.

In saying that though, the genuine mediums out there, and there are many, would not alllow negative thoughts and feelings through their own protective light unless it was something that could aid and help the client come to a deeper understanding of the questions asked. Most mediums do not need or want negative influences in their lives, and all mediums take the work they do extrememly seriously.

The days of the fake ectoplasm Victorian era are well and truly over, thankfully.
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Channelling Spirits
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